Kevin hooks up with Nia Long in rehab…but is he ready for her aggression?
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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Freaky Fred 10 months ago

    When you are laughing your ass off for eighteen minutes straight and find out you still have about twenty minutes left.

    Today was a good day.

  • Kera Winchester 10 months ago

    "Zoology, bitch!"

  • Nour NF 10 months ago

    " that's what you get, you laugh at me you die " I CANT STOP LAUGHING

  • Nour NF 10 months ago

    Man, I saw the video is 36 mins I said no I ain't gonna watch all of it and then the video ended suddenly I didn't even realize the time, the best comedian ever.

  • juan vogel 10 months ago

    So many repeats . fuuug this dude

  • Daytona 10 months ago

    He tries way too hard.

  • I got zero add lmao ;-;

  • DarkOwO 10 months ago

    7:18 is really very funny. I'm very laughing… I can't stop laugh…

  • Subasschin 10 months ago

    The 2 clips at 11:57 are gold

  • Sandy Nicolau 10 months ago

    OMG who's the girl at the start of video? Beautiful!!!

  • David Rock 10 months ago

    I prefer his "Gag reels" on netflix 🙂

  • PSYCHO PATH 10 months ago

    The rock joke was funny

  • Jessica Lopez 10 months ago

    케빈하트 쮸발 캡챠 풀고 슈프림가즈아

  • chris campbell 10 months ago

    Thumbs down, never watching anything from this channel again.

  • kara badger_ironsight 10 months ago

    he's such a funny little midget…

  • Can we get more ads

  • 27 ads kms

  • CheddarBeezy 10 months ago

    “On my side I was tearing that sh*t up”

  • CLJR 121 10 months ago

    I had tol stop watching since you are more worried about ads and making money. brutal

  • Yordi williams 10 months ago

    Skip to the end and start it over. No ads. YW