Hilarious Examples Of People With A Great Sense Of Humor
Some people just love making jokes. When you are around them, you just want to smile. And they are never boring either.

We adore such jokesters, and we offer you 75 hilarious examples from people who have an extraordinary sense of humor. At the end of the list, there is a bonus that show you the dark humor of Disney.

Would you agree that living is way easier if you have a great sense of humor? Are there such funny guys among the people you know? Or are you the funny guy in your group? Tell us in the comment section below!


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  • Nura 5 11 months ago


  • Christopher Gervacio Lopez Lepe 11 months ago

    aunque le falte una pierna , esta muy bien ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Cadence Bollman 11 months ago

    Number #01 isn't funny. Your making fun of a lady who had a fake leg, that's just rude.

  • hippity hoppity 11 months ago

    0:15 ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Nayyali Novo 11 months ago

    At 3:01, Janet was born the same day and month as me ( Not Year) Iโ€™m 11

  • choirboy25 11 months ago

    Skull one isn't actually accurate, there are differences to cranial and mandibular structure across races and between men and women.

  • Joe Schmo 11 months ago

    4:25 fuck those cops with no sense of humor… If people are going to be that uptight then what good is humor.

  • Joe Schmo 11 months ago

    If anyone is denying dating the 1st girl over a leg has some serious issues

  • Docinho de Menina 11 months ago

    6:54 says in Portuguese " who believes always get to their dreams" hahahhahah

  • Isabellaโ€™s Playhouse 11 months ago

    Person having the b-day: w-what?!

  • Thomas R. 11 months ago

    1:50 Edward Kenway, Bayek, Ezio, Desmond Miles, etc: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • D Jenz 11 months ago

    4:56 I dont get it

  • SshiromiZ 11 months ago

    2:56 dude that's weird my grandmas name is Janet (last initial m) but she's not dead

  • Jeremy Claw 11 months ago

    Excited. Engaged. Expecting. Emily. Haha.

  • Abby Thoreson 11 months ago

    Lol I brought an empty chocolate syrup bottle 2 school as my water bottle because of this…

  • Aidan Ya boy 11 months ago

    I dont get this humor it is not funny at all but maybe it is my problem Iโ€™m from the Netherlands and the humor is different here

  • Whitefang 73005 11 months ago

    4:05 โ€œdad can you give me ยฃ10 for gasโ€
    Thanks dad
    Some are captioned terribly wrong :cc

  • Madziulka Rz 11 months ago

    I laughed whole video ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Master Ryan 11 months ago


  • awkward snuggly nonbinary goth 11 months ago

    OH. MY. GOD.

    WORF!!!! worf!!! WORF I SEE YOU BUDDY!!!!