These 10 funny videos of celebrities getting pranked will make you like these famous people even more. They all freak out and embarrass themselves when they get pranked — just like we do.

We all love a good prank, and we love a prank even more when it involves famous people because it reminds us that they’re still human. And it brightens our day just a little bit more. But when is it too much?

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Some of these pranks include Justin Bieber pranking Taylor Swift on Ashton Kutcher’s now-defunct “Punk’d”! She honestly believed that she had set a boat in flames, interrupted the wedding of a happy couple, and potentially ruined the couple’s relationship forever. She was in complete shock and looked as if the situation she just lived through would be something that she would never get over. Although. she lightened up once she was told that she was being punk’d.

Kevin Hart will also make you smile when you see his reaction to being pranked by The Rock while on the set of “Jumanji.” In Kevin’s case, his overactive imagination was the enemy, as he was already freaked out by all the bugs crawling around the rainforest that they were filming in. All The Rock had to do to pull off a successful prank in this case was buy a fake spider prop.

If you’re a Kevin Hart fan, then you already know that he’s naturally a funny guy. If not, then this prank will show you a side of him that you never knew you needed in your life.

While pranks can be as simple as using a fake spider or as elaborate as setting a boat in flames, you know it’s a good one if you can’t stop laughing by the end of it.

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  • TheRichest 10 months ago

    What is the best prank you’ve ever heard? 🤔

  • Tevan Lockhart 10 months ago

    Kim….ooooookkkkkkkkkay I'm out.

  • Stefan Tergowitsch 10 months ago

    Kevin Hart is only so afraid of insects because h's got to fight them on eye level…

  • Slick Dirty 10 months ago

    Damn bitch can you shut the fuck up and show the pranks ..talking over everything

  • Waqar Khan 10 months ago

    Bullshit most Frank are setup. Screw that thumbs down and blocked

  • Mick and Rorty 10 months ago

    Why so less comments

  • eliam simed 10 months ago

    Yeah just SHOW what happened…with tone you know…

  • Trueaussie 10 months ago

    Fuck your annoying voice off and show the pranks would be 10000x better.

  • Cheryl R 10 months ago

    Wth talking thru it all and showing 9 little screens instead of one. Sucky video

  • Praneel Kashyap 10 months ago

    This are all normal prank. Nothing too far except the taylor swift one.

  • Dabbi þór 10 months ago

    Talking waaaayyyy less and showing more would be just great

  • Bushy Jodes 10 months ago

    Blahh blahh blahhh. Just wanted to c a video.

  • Richard Brown 10 months ago

    Why talk through it it ruins the hole thing

  • James Spiller 10 months ago

    I could take Liam’s pranks, seeing I like to prank my friends and family, too. I got my brother a few times. I hid right around a corner, and I either said something, or just made a random noise. His reactions were hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Kevin O'Rourke 10 months ago

    A prank is funny when it is visually EXPERIENCED not when it is EXPLAINED.

  • Blitzkrieg Mike 10 months ago

    5:24 Nice One

  • Tim Gledhill 10 months ago

    How about just showing the pranks and not talking about them – this was sooooo boring.

  • King ARkaMAni 10 months ago

    top 10 best panks ruined by theRichest

  • Emad Almehmal 10 months ago

    I don't know why u explain the prank for us just let us show. U so excited about your voice or what 😠

  • bigearedmouse17 10 months ago

    Being a celebrity can be tough…